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Prostate Cancer Screening Consent Form

A new consent form has been created to help men and their doctor make a decision about whether to get screened for prostate cancer. Click on the following link:

Prostate Cancer Screening Consent

A free consent form has just been added to the site to help men decide if they want to get tested for prostate cancer despite the latest recommendations from the US Public Health Task Force.

Final Recommendations Regarding Screening for Prostate Cancer

A government task force has finalized their report and are recommending against routinely screening for prostate cancer. Their reason is that based on the best available evidence, the benefits from screening are very small and they are outweighed by the harms. What does this mean for you? Should you get tested or not? This video […]

Important Questions for Your Surgeon

I think every patient realizes that performing a radical prostatectomy is not an easy job. And yet, many men may be reluctant to ask their doctors some very important questions. Now another study is being reported showing that more experienced surgeons have fewer complications. As a result, before you have your operation, you are entitled […]

What Does “Clinically Proven” Really Mean?

Advertisements for herbs, vitamins and supplements frequently use the words “Clinically Relevant’. Most people assume that means good scientific studies were done but is that really true? This question is addressed in the accompanying video.

Is Combining Abiraterone and MDV3100 on the horizon?

A recent research study is suggesting that the two latest hormonal agents Abiraterone and MDV3100 may have the best effect if they are combined. Without properly designed studies, we will not know if this is true, but some doctors are likely to start using the combination when MDV3100 becomes available. There is a reason […]

New Comparison of Prostatectomy Methods

A new survey of results in the U.S. looked at open vs robotic prostatectomy and found fewer short term complications with the robotic approach. These included a slightly lower risk of blood transfusions and a slightly lower risk of intra-operative complications. There is no new information about long term cancer control, impotence or incontinence rates. […]

Combining External Radiation and Brachytherapy: More Harm Than Good

Combining external radiation and seed implantation is used by many doctors to treat localized prostate cancer. Unfortunately, no study has ever demonstrated this combination was better than either therapy alone. Now a recent study shows the harms of this treatment without improving results. For men with low risk disease, there is no reason to consider […]

Latest Information About Active Surveillance for Localized Disease

A recent conference occurred in which the status of active surveillance was reviewed. All men with newly diagnosed prostate cancer should be aware of this information before choosing their therapy because the current consensus is that too many men are receiving unnecessary treatment for this disease. (Reviewed May, 2012) Click here to see the video […]

Benefit of Provenge for Progressive Metastatic Prostate Cancer Challenged

A recent report questioned whether Provenge is really beneficial for men with progressive, asymmptomatic or minimally symptomatic metastatic disease. This was not based on any new studies, however, and the FDA and other experts have pointed out the flaws in this article as discussed in the video. The bottom line for patients is also reviewed.