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Eating and Exercise Recommendations for Cancer Patients

A recent report ( summarizes the latest recommendations for people with cancer in terms of what they should eat and avoid and what kind of exercise they can do to help improve their well being. Not enough men with prostate cancer are following this advice but it is never too late to do things that […]

Is Proton Therapy Really Worthwhile?

A recent commentary was made by the Radiological Society about the value of Proton Therapy for Localized prostate cancer. They cited two recent studies in support of this treatment but neither of them offers very good proof that the treatment works as discussed in this video. The bottom line is that no study has shown […]

New Study of High Intensity Focused Ultrasound for Localized Disease

A large prospective study from Canada was recently reported for men receiving HIFU. The follow-up has been short and the results and status of this treatment are discussed in the accompanying video.

Mr. Buffett’s Decision

Warren Buffett was recently diagnosed with early stage prostate cancer at age 81 and we are being told he has decided to have external radiation therapy. Many people are questioning why someone with an average life expectancy of 7-8 years would make that decision, especially because of the usually slow progression of early stage disease. […]

Stendra: A new Impotence Treatment

New Impotence Drug Approved

The Role of Diet and Exercise

Many people want to help their case by doing non-medical interventions. The place to start is with

Is External Radiation Using the Calypso Tracking System Better than IMRT for prostate cancer?

One of the recent developments for men undergoing radiation is the use of new technology that constantly adjusts the tissue subjected to radiation. The goal has been to reduce the amount delivered to normal tissue and thereby reduce the complications. This video reviews the latest results.

Does Hormone Therapy Increase the Risk of Heart Attacks?

Over the past several years, concerns have increased about hormone therapy increasing the risk of heart attacks. A new advisory addresses this concern as explained in this video.

Long Term Implications of PSA Testing

PSA testing has been available for almost 20 years. A new study looks at the additional cancers diagnosed and the impact on lives saved. The results are mixed as explained in this video.

Provenge Study Shows Significant Improvement in Survival

The results of a long-awaited study using Provenge for men with metastatic disease was recently reported at the American Urological Association. Find out the results and what it may mean for men with metastatic disease no longer responding to medical or surgical castration.