Welcome to the first website containing educational information about prostate disease and prostate cancer in a video format. This site has been developed by Dr. Gerald Chodak to inform men and their significant others about how to maintain their prostate health. It also provides useful information about diagnosis, treatment and management of prostate cancer and non-cancerous prostate problems such as prostate enlargement.

Instead of asking you to read and understand a lot of technical medical jargon, this site is offering a medical specialist who can talk to you in a down to earth and easy to understand manner. Over 400,000 individuals have already viewed these videos. Whatever your interest and reason for visiting, we hope that you find this website helpful. Please note that although some videos were produced more than three months ago, all of them have been recently reviewed to make sure the information is still correct and up to date (Reviewed May, 2012)

This information is meant to complement and not replace any advice or information from a health professional.

In the News

Seed Implantation + External Radiation: Do Patients Really Benefit?

A large study recently reported long term results with ProstRcision, which is a combination of external radiation and seed implantation. The authors make claims about its superior results, but the entire study is misleading and provides no information about side effects or survival. Furthermore, the authors claim in their advertising that the results are better […]

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Do Calcium and Vitamin D Prevent Osteoporosis in Men on Hormone Therapy?

Men on hormone therapy are routinely advised to take Calcium and Vitamin D to prevent osteoporosis and fractures. But, do they actually work? Has the benefit really been proven? This video reviews the published studies and gives you advice on what to do. It also discusses a new treatment approved for this purpose.

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Should Men Take Finasteride to Prevent Prostate Cancer

A recent update an important study analyzes whether the benefits outweigh the risks to taking finasterdie to prevent prostate cancer

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Important Information for Men Considering Active Surveillance or Focal Therapy

A new study presented at the annual urology society meeting looked at how much cancer is really present in men with a single biopsy showing cancer. The results have important implications for men considering focal therapy.

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Other Recent Posts

Is Salvage Cryotherapy Effective for Recurrent Prostate Cancer?

There is little evidence that any particular treatment will cure recurrent prostate cancer in men who have disease present after external radiation or previous cryotherapy. A recent study in over 300 men reported on their results with cryotherapy and the findings and its significance is discussed in the video

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Should Men Take Selenium to Prevent Prostate Cancer

A recent study suggests that selenium intake can reduce the risk of prostate cancer. The video discusses the study and provides men with the best approach.

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Intermittent Hormone Therapy Fails the Test

A very important randomized study is being presented at the ASCO meeting and appears to show that intermittent hormone therapy results in a worse survival in men with metastatic prostate cancer compared to men on continuous therapy. This is consistent with another study done in Europe and it is important for many reasons, most importantly […]

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