Let Me Help You Get the Right Treatment

>Are you confident that your are getting the treatment that is right for you?
>Are you getting enough information about all your options for treatment?
>Would you like to have an unbiased doctor help you make decisions?
>Have all your questions been answered to your satisfaction?

Dr. Chodak can help you with your care either by providing personalized CONSULTATIONS, SECOND OPINIONS AND COACHING, which can be conducted either face-to-face via Skype, by phone or by Email.

To arrange for one of the services below or if you have starting questions,
please first send an email request to GeraldChodakMD@prostatevideos.com


Brief Consultation with Dr. Gerald Chodak
Cost: $125.00 (limited up to 30 minutes)

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Comprehensive Consultation with Dr. Gerald Chodak
Cost: $200.00 (limited up to 1 hour)

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Unlimited Coaching, Counseling and Education with Dr. Gerald Chodak
Cost: $400.00 (unlimited time)

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