The Screening Debate: Ignoring the Science

The media is filled with responses from urologists and patients rejecting the findings and recommendations of the screening task force. An unbiased person might begin to wonder how much is being driven by business concerns rather than patient concerns. The dialogue is focusing almost exclusively on the men who MIGHT miss out on potentially curative therapy while ignoring the large number of men who are being harmed by screening and treatment. At the end of the day, the right way to tackle this problem is to lay out the odds of benefitting or being harmed and let a patient decide. Please look at the Screening consent form I have created that would benefit patients and doctors.

The bottom line is to focus on the science and not on an emotional reaction that ignores the results from well done studies. For those who continue to question, “how is possible that screening doesn’t work”, consider that routine screening for lung cancer, ovarian cancer and neuroblastoma also failed to show a benefit and is not recommended for any of those tumors.

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